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Stay Safe Equipment is dedicated to eliminating highway construction zone fatalities
by designing and producing products that address the need for enhanced safety.

Your trusted manufacturer and wholesale seller of traffic control devices and signs.
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Dedicated Team

Our motivation to provide and assist with your safety needs demonstrates a common goal: outstanding client service and dedication.

Forward Design

With a commitment to work zone safety, SSE offers innovative products to improve safety and ensure compliance with regulations.

Quality Products

Our reputation is founded on providing excellent service combined with high-quality, reliable, and compliant products.


We manufacture highway safety sign systems that are economical, flexible and adaptable to a variety of highway construction needs. Our products can be applied to other applications such as sporting events, concerts and anywhere there’s a concern for safety.

Because of the flexible nature of our design, it can be deployed quickly to meet highway safety needs in incidents that occur without warning. It’s the ideal solution for safe traffic flow redirection during emergency situations. Designed for both day and nighttime operations.

Dump Truck Tailgate Mounted Sign
Barrier Wall Mount For Temporary Signage
Multipurpose Sign Base
Temporary Handrail Mounts Wood Application


How Tragedy Inspired Passion:
Our Story.



Stay Safe Equipment has made sure that our people have gone home safe.

– Jason Klock
Asphalt Manager
South Florida

Jason Klock

I’ve used J.E. WHITE, LLC products for years and they have saved my life more times then I can count!

-Trevor Pearson

Trevor Pearson Testimonial

As a dump truck driver for a major construction company, I’ve noticed over the years that anytime you pull into a construction zone the cars get really tight and follow you too close. But with this new sign on the back of my truck, the minute I turn those flashing lights on, everybody backs off and gives me room. I don’t have to worry about people following me in the job site anymore.

-Wilbur Wright

Wilbur Wright Testimonial